In 1930, the Ullrich family arrived to Bodrogkeresztúr from Herend (a village famous for making high-quality chinaware). A more than 300-year-old stone building was bought on the old market square of the village, and the history of the Ceramics Manufacture in Bodrogkeresztúr originates back in the basement of this property. Initially, only ornaments were made here, later on the product range was broadened with producing parts to tiled stove as well. Launching industrial ceramics production brought a considerable change for the manufacture, more than 300 people earned a living here in the 1970s.

The Ullrichs were highly honoured and esteemed around here. József Ullrich, founder of the Ceramics Manufacture was known as a community and innovative man and being also respectful of tradition.

After the communist era, the factory ceased its operation and the buildings came under the hammer. For nearly 30 years, the factory had its real enchanted sleep untouched.

We had just grown out our small cellar in Tokaj, and needed an urgent upgrade. We made a remarkable step forward by taking a decision to have an attempt saving a small piece of the history of the village by carrying out an extensive renovation of the buildings amidst the bushes on the abandoned plot completely overgrown with plants, in order to make it as a centre of our winery. Our mission has been highly supported by the Ullrichs, which we are extremely grateful for.